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take a shoulder-width grip

keep back flat / abs tight

shove feet into the floor to avoid hip sway

while pullup movements - attempt to remain perfectly vertical throughout. (avoid leaning / throwing hips back) and keep wrists, elbows & forearms in a straight line as close to perpendicular to the ground as possible

while lifting the weight, think about shoving the chest to the ground while pulling the shoulders back to keep the body in the same position


pull elbows in as close to body as possible throughout (avoid flaring elbows)


relax arms and minimize their involvement (push and pull using only the scapula / lats)

aim to bring the wrists to the hips or to the ribcage depending on how little / how much bicep involvement you want (hip = less bicep). Vary it over time

pull through elbows (as opposed to the hands) and avoid "shrugging"


pull elbows behind as much as possible at the back (keeping chest up)

extend / protract scapula (shoulder blades) on the negative, let shoulders roll forward and allow chest to drop at the bottom (though keep shoulders square and back flat)

retract scapula first when beginning the positive (no movement from the shoulder joint)

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