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3D - Leg

keep hips, knees and ankles in a line & avoid any internal / external rotation of hips

pretend feet are in concrete (don’t let body "fall forward" or knees cave inwards)

feet shoulder-width apart unless otherwise stated

Feet parallel to each other or toes pointed slightly outwards

don't drop (imagine hamstrings pulling the body through the negative

come down until glutes are fully contracted (bottom position), then explosively "drive" up

3D - Foot

even-weight distribution throughout / push with whole foot

don’t focus on trying to get your body up from the ground, think about pushing the ground away from you

if balance is an issue, pick a focal point to help assist


aim to contract glutes and quads throughout (especially at the bottom)


consciously rotating your pelvis helps to achieve a proper contraction


While doing plyometric exercises - land softly on the ball of your feet.


Squeeze heels either in towards each other or out, preferably out (intention)

Don't move or slide them - just create a  tension! It's an amazing technique to focus on a specific muscle that you need to work on.

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