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General Principles to Optimize Exercises Execution


This is a part of Exercise Execution Guide that comes with my training services.

always stand / sit proud: keep head neutral (inline with spine relative to torso) chest up and torso tall

shoulders back and depressed

keep scapula contracted (zero internal / external rotation of shoulders or arching)

whenever executing an exercise from a vertical position, the torso should remain vertical or, ideally, ‘very slightly’ forward, pivoting from the hips, NOT from the spine.

when standing, in addition to the above, contract the glutes and hamstrings to prevent any hip sway (shove feet into the floor to assist)

– Rotating a pelvis helps to achieve that

always initiate from the working muscle (try to build tension prior to even executing)

aim to fully lengthen and fully shorten the muscle (unless otherwise stated)

A muscle is fully lengthened when its antagonist is fully contracted!

contract through the entire range of available motion (full flexion and full extension)

keep constant tension on the working muscle (no pause at the top / bottom unless stated)

aim to always work in straight lines (only rare exceptions)

no extraneous movement / body English

ensure form does not degrade in order to complete additional reps

inhale deeply through the nose on the negative, explosively exhale through the mouth while pushing through the positive


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